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4nes Information Technology Services GmbH
Siebengebirgsstr. 200
D-53229 Bonn
Tel.: +49(0)228 299744 50
E-Mail: service(at)4nes(dot)com


4nes supports nature conservation!

4nes supports together with the local kindergartens and elementary schools the breeding season of the birds

March is a very special month for bird diversity, because according to the Federal Nature Conservation Act, the nesting and breeding season for birds now begins.

Just in time for the nesting season, we at 4nes IT-Services have been thinking about how we can protect the local birds. Since we have many trees and a lot of green space near our company premises, all that was needed were birdhouses. And who can design them more beautifully than the local school and kindergarten children? And especially in times like these, a little color can't hurt. No sooner said than done! After consultation, we were able to win over two elementary schools and two kindergartens from the neighborhood for our project. The children were provided with both the kits for the birdhouses and the paints to paint them, and could then give free rein to their creativity.

The result are very beautiful and colorful houses, in which the local birds will certainly feel comfortable during the breeding season. These are not only distributed on our company premises, but also at the elementary schools and kindergartens, so that the children can observe the birds.

We are very happy about the colorful birdhouses and would like to thank the participating kindergartens and schools for this very nice and useful campaign!