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4nes Information Technology Services GmbH
Siebengebirgsstr. 200
D-53229 Bonn
Tel.: +49(0)228 299744 50
E-Mail: service(at)4nes(dot)com


How it all began...

In 2006, Alexander Fournes founded his company in the field of information technology. What started out as a one-man-show is now a medium-sized company. We have been supporting small and mid-sized companies in the IT service sector from the very beginning. In recent years, a new main pillar was added and 4nes IT Services is now regarded as a sought-after partner for the energy industry. For this dynamic market, he and his team develop tailor-made services that are professionally and reliably implemented.


4nes. IT services in optimal dimensions

We have been your strategic and operational partner from the very beginning. We apply our expertise to the project and get the most out of it for you and your team. In 2019, the company reached a good size. The team of 16 employees work at eye level. The hierarchies are flat and we coordinate directly. This year, the headquarters will be strengthened. Alexander Fournes intends to further expand internal communication as well as contact with customers. 4nes will continue to focus on the energy industry in the future. This market is exciting and challenging - exactly the right thing for the IT specialists from Bonn.