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What is an IT security training?

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The IT security training or cybersecurity training is aimed at everyone who comes into contact with the Internet on a daily basis and who is not an IT specialist or administrator. During the awareness training, we teach the dangers of dealing with information technology on the Internet. We explain specific topics in a clear way. We show videos about misconduct and its consequences. We take you on a short flying visit to the Darknet. In short, during IT security training we teach all the tips and tricks for safe IT use. We train the forensics of hackers and attackers from the outside. During the course, specialists provide you and your employees and users with targeted expertise and knowledge in the field of security awareness and cybersecurity. They form the foundation of every company in dealing with cybersecurity.

Training on-site or remote

We adapt to your requirements and tailor our IT security training to your needs! Remote or in person.

From standard security topics up to a penetration test of your systems - we deliver the complete service - if desired!

Please contact us! We will be happy to help you and provide you with an individual offer!

Your contact:
Michael Kraus
Tel: +49(0)228 299744 50

Why awareness?

Awareness means making people and employees more aware of an issue. In the context of information technology, security awareness is an integral part of a company's information security. IT security trainings or awareness trainings are placed in the risk management of a company. They deal with vulnerabilities and risks that arise in the use of IT. After the training, we offer you phishing campaigns in which you can actively test what you have learned. Or you can benefit from our vulnerability analysis in which we check your networks and IT infrastructure for possible entry points. Take the quick check!

What topics does the training cover?

During the IT security training we discuss the following topics:

  • dangers in use with the internet
  • encryption with Ransomware
  • social engineering
  • phishing campaigns
  • vulnerabilities of emails and archives
  • procedures for storing files
  • securing passwords
  • possible threats from websites
  • tips and tricks
  • certificate of attendance

At the end of the seminar, you and your employees will receive a certificate from us. This confirms your participation. You will also receive a cheat sheet with important call for action from us. A short online test will deepen the skills you have learned.

Aim of the course

After the cybersecurity workshop, all users will be able to recognise and report malware and ransomware. Through practical examples, we will take you into the world of hackers. You will get to know examples of emails and attacks. You will learn to distinguish between them. We teach scepticism towards email archives and file extensions. We conduct targeted exercises to help you understand how to deal with websites. With solutions and measures, we give your employees a toolbox. How do I react when? What do I do when? Train your employees to become cyber specialists! Build the foundations for information security today.

Put your knowledge into practice in a small test at the end.

At the end of the course, we will provide specific measures for dealing with information technology in your company. Strengthen your internal risk management and book an online course with us! Click here for the dates! Would you like to have your company trained in a course? No problem - we are happy to tailor our offer to your needs. We would be happy to train your team.

What kind of trainings do we offer?

What seminars and courses do we offer?

  • remote training on fixed dates
  • remote training individually for your team
  • on-site training
  • current dates
  • current prices

Remote trainings

We offer you fixed online dates in which you are welcome to participate! These take place twice a month on fixed dates. Our administrators and experts conduct the cyber security training in person, live in front of the computer. The IT awareness training takes place remotely. Dial in via well-known meeting tools.

We limit the group size of the course to 20 participants. You are muted during the IT security training for employees, but you can contribute questions and suggestions at any time by "raising your hand". We encourage and support active participation in the course.

Train your company!

We would be happy to make you and your team an offer. The advantage is that we can adapt our IT security training specifically to you and your company. We discuss important IT topics in advance and implement your wishes. We are happy to conduct this appointment either remotely or in person on site. Contact us - we will be happy to make you an offer!

The duration of the IT security training is max. 1.5 hours.

On-site trainings / in-house training

We limit the group size to a number of 20 participants.Food and drinks are not required - unless you provide them.We welcome and support active participation.

The duration of the IT security training is max. 1.5 hours.

Current training dates

13.09.2022 - 10 am - IT security training with our security expert Michael Kraus
definite date

16.11.2022 - 10 am - IT security training with our security expert Michael Kraus
definite date

Current prices and services

The price for 1 participant / 1 access remote is 59,00€ plus VAT.
The participation fee must be paid in advance.
After receipt of payment, we will send you the link to the awareness training.

Services are:

  • 1 hour* training live in person
  • certificate of attendance
  • cheat sheet in the follow-up
  • test yourself - for your employees
  • questionnaire for the training

* The times vary according to the number of questions asked by the participants. A time of 1.5 hours is rarely exceeded.

Important things to know

We are ISO 27001 certified and work according to its standards. If you are also aiming for ISO certification, please contact us! We would be happy to help you with your company's process documentation.

Deepen your knowledge and also book our phishing campaign, our IT vulnerability analysis or our firewall analyses!



4nes Information Technology Services GmbH
Poppelsdorfer Allee 106
D-53115 Bonn
Tel.: +49(0)228 299744 50
E-Mail: service(at)4nes(dot)com