Managed Phishing campaigns

phishing campaigns tailored to your company

Phishing is a method cybercriminals use to try to trick you into revealing sensitive personal information through fraud, deception, or misdirection. Learn how phishing works to detect and prevent fraud and protect your data from attackers.

We offer managed phishing campaigns to raise awareness among employees in your organization so that cyberattacks can be quickly and effectively detected, and thus prevented.


Different levels of phishing

  • Level 1: company mailing list
  • Level 2: single contacts in the company
  • Level 3: Managing director CEO


Explanation of the different levels

Level 1:
In this level, an e-mail is sent to company mailing lists. This contains, for example, a request to click a link, open a document, etc.

Level 2:
Here, another phishing e-mail is sent to a predefined group of recipients. This includes, for example, a request to click a link, open a document, etc.

Level 3:
In the highest level of the phishing campaign, an e-mail is sent, for example, in the name of the management (according to the customer's request). This e-mail contains, for example, the request to click a link in order to make a bank transfer or to participate in an employee survey.

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