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What is a firewall?

The firewall acts like a gatekeeper between the private and public network. It analyses the data traffic and can forward or block it.

It functions like a checkpoint that decides which data is forwarded to the computer from the Internet or from the network. On the other hand, it also checks the data that goes out from the company network and comes back into the internet. However, you have to tell the firewall what to do and which data it is allowed to let in and which not. The configuration is very important, because only then can the firewall do what the company wants it to do.

The most common configurations deal with:

  • Access rights of IP addresses
  • Access rights of online programmes
  • Visibility in networks
  • Blocking active website content

In addition to the firewall, a reliable antivirus programme must always be used that can check and block both installed programmes and dynamic website content against current virus definitions.

Do I need a firewall?

For a company, a firewall or business firewall is mandatory and indispensable in today's times. Every day, many companies are attacked by hackers and attackers from the outside in order to gain access to sensitive data or information. Often unnoticed. Therefore, it is important that a company sets itself up technically well here and sets up a blockade and recognises attacks early on. The answer to the question "Do you need a firewall?" is definitely yes.

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What is the basic task of a firewall?

The firewall regulates all data traffic between the private and public network.

The basic task of a business firewall is to be a checkpoint. To assess whether the incoming data traffic is good or bad. To allow it into the company. If the data is found to be bad, it is blocked. In addition to the checkpoint, it is also very important to configure the firewall correctly. That is, you tell it which data traffic is good or bad. Based on this concept, a business firewall as the first checkpoint is an important component of a company's stable IT security.

What is a hardware firewall?

A hardware firewall, often called a network firewall or external firewall, scans the connection between two networks and restricts access. It is a fixed element, usually located in a server room. The firewall compares the sender and destination addresses and checks the services used. It also examines the current data traffic and then decides which elements are allowed through or blocked. Software is also installed on the hardware. Therefore, the term is a little unfortunate. However, the hardware firewall refers to the additional device that must be purchased.

What is a software firewall?

A software firewall is software that runs on the computer's system. Unlike the hardware firewall, it only protects the data traffic between the computer and the connected network. However, it is not a static element, but is installed on the computer and can be used in addition to a hardware firewall.

Sophos Firewall Partner

For customers who have not yet installed a firewall, we work as a silver partner alongside the company Sophos. Sophos Firewall is one of the most secure firewall solutions on the German market. Sophos Firewall's X-Stream architecture protects your network from the latest threats while accelerating traffic to critical applications.

Firewall support on existing solutions

Of course, we also offer support and service on existing firewall solutions if you do not work with Sophos. We secure your networks and bring your company up to the latest IT security standards.

Why are firewall and virus scanner so important?

A firewall in combination with a virus scanner are important for a company in this day and age. Anti-virus protection is more agile than a firewall and can react faster. Therefore, a combination of both is indispensable nowadays.

Firwewall Home Office Solutions

  • The firewall provides the necessary VPN access for working from home
  • Secure working from the home office

Firewall Small Business

  • Sophos small business firewall product portfolio
  • All firewalls and licenses for small, medium and large businesses.

Our Services

We help you find the right firewall solution for your business. We provide general support and offer secure VPN solutions and structures. Redundancy and line redundancy is very important to us here. Through targeted web control, we ensure that you will have no web restrictions. We are happy to deliver the maintenance and daily service for the firewall quickly and effectively. We offer Firewall Home Office solutions for the new way of working that are tailored to you.

N-Map Scan

An N-Map Scan is a free port scanner for scanning and evaluating hosts in a computer network. We work with this scanner to quickly detect intrusion gates or vulnerabilities in the ports of the network. We perform this scan as a service for all our customers. We check all ports from the outside to the inside and also create reports for you. In case of error messages and need for action, we react quickly and efficiently.



4nes Information Technology Services GmbH
Poppelsdorfer Allee 106
D-53115 Bonn
Tel.: +49(0)228 299744 50
E-Mail: service(at)4nes(dot)com