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What is an IT vulnerability analysis?

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Vulnerability analysis means the detection of entry points or weaknesses in your IT networks. An IT vulnerability analysis therefore serves to improve the IT security level. This involves testing the resilience of the internal IT environment against external attackers. This means that networks and devices are examined for vulnerabilities. The result of the analysis shows potential entry gates for an external attacker from the Internet and ultimately provides information about the size of the attack surface.

We analyse and evaluate your IT networks and find your IT security vulnerabilities. Through years of experience, we work quickly and efficiently. We work side by side with you and deliver basic protection for your systems and networks!

The digital world and its pitfalls

We are networking more and more every day. Digital progress is increasing rapidly. Internal security applications and measures are failing. With this progress, the risk for companies increases. Attackers pave their way from the outside.  This happens quietly - by the time it is noticed in the company, it is often too late. The costs and damage caused by this are enormous.

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Why do I need a vulnerability analysis?

Every company today works with interfaces to the internet. Do you operate a website or a web shop? Do your employees access your systems via VPN? Wherever we network online, potential points of attack and gateways for vulnerabilities in your IT systems arise. Risks that we can avoid and minimise.

What is the procedure for a vulnerability analysis?

In an initial meeting, we clarify all questions and framework conditions with you. What exactly should we test? Individual applications or the existing infrastructure? What is important to you? What does a scan actually look like? Do you already know about existing security vulnerabilities?

We set ourselves a specific date on which to carry out the tests. Many of these tests run independently. We can test several things at once. We access your systems from the outside. We need a permanent contact person on site for the duration of the tests. Some of these tests should happen outside of business hours. This depends on the scope of the work.

When we are finished, you will receive a detailed report on the condition of your systems. The focus is on the technical details. We break down into critical and identified risks and vulnerabilities. We provide clear recommendations for action.

We are also happy to train your staff. We are also happy to implement the technical recommendations for you. Feel free to contact us and notice the difference!

What is vulnerability management?

Vulnerability management is the generic term for security management in a company. The main task is to check IT systems for vulnerabilities. A regular scan of their networks and the detection of deviations are part of this. In vulnerability management, rules and solutions are established as a fixed process. Strengthen your cyber protection. Get clear recommendations for action and solutions!

What is the scope of a vulnerability assessment?

The scope of a vulnerability assessment depends entirely on your company. How big is your company? How many employees do you have? How do you work digitally? Which IT networks are relevant to the company? What is your IT infrastructure like? What basic protection are you aiming for? We clarify these and many other questions in a personal preliminary discussion. Our proposals and your wishes form the basis of the offer. We will present you with a detailed offer afterwards.

You are welcome to take a look at our checklist today! Check yourself!

For whom is a vulnerability analysis suitable?

In a vulnerability assessment, we evaluate your IT systems. We cover a wide range of possible attacks. It is used to assess the overall security of the system. In the end, you receive a comprehensive picture of your existing IT network infrastructure. Functioning measures are of course an existing part of the analysis.

The penetration test or pentest is the takeover of your systems. Here, an active attempt is made to gain access to your systems through security gaps. The attacker tests a variety of attack vectors in order to take over the system. The penetration test is therefore much more real than the vulnerability analysis. However, it also takes much longer. We do not only analyse but try to take over your systems completely. Penetration tests are therefore mainly suitable for very sensitive systems, networks and processes where a pure analysis would be too little.

We deliver:

  • vulnerability analysis in your networks
  • preliminary stage to penetration testing
  • improvement of the internal security level
  • identification of the different vulnerability risks.

Penetrationtest vs. Vulnerability Analysis

Many companies ask themselves whether they should conduct an IT vulnerability analysis or a penetration test. The answer is actually simple: both should work together. Both are part of a good IT security infrastructure in a company. The IT vulnerability analysis serves to uncover vulnerabilities and delivers results quickly. The security analysis can serve as a starting point for more in-depth checks, such as a penetration test. The penetration test uncovers the way to the heart of the company. Penetration tests take longer and are associated with higher costs. The way to get into the company corresponds to the procedure of a real hacker. The penetration test provides deeper insights into the real risks of a company.

Why should I carry out periodic analyses?

As in every market, the attack structure of possible cyberattacks in IT changes daily. New variants and methods of viruses, worms and Trojans are in circulation every day and are used millions of times a day. Attempts are made daily to penetrate IT networks worldwide from the outside. Unfortunately, no company is exempt from this - it can simply hit anyone! Therefore, it is important to implement a continuous IT security process. You must continuously adapt this process.

What is Kali Linux? What is a Kali Linux vulnerability assessment?

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution based on Debian - open source - to analyse vulnerabilities in IT systems. Mainly advanced users install and run it. The distribution is free of charge and helps to find and assess vulnerabilities in systems. However, it can also attack systems and crack passwords, spy on WLAN networks or attack servers.



4nes Information Technology Services GmbH
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