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4nes Information Technology Services GmbH
Siebengebirgsstr. 200
D-53229 Bonn
Tel.: +49(0)228 299744 50
E-Mail: service(at)4nes(dot)com


The measure of all things? This is our task!

4nes. Trust in IT.

IT-Services & Solutions

IT Services

IT-Project Management

Project Management

IT Quality
Assurance and Testing

Software Testing

at 4nes

Job offers

The measure of all things? This is our task!

We combine services, project management and testing for IT to suit your individual needs. The result: information technology that is tailored to your company in every dimension. We create secure connections at all levels.

Since September 2020 we are officially ISO27001 certified!

4nes IT-Services GmbH provides services in the following areas

  • IT Consulting
  • IT Services
  • Maintenance
  • IT Security
  • Cloud Services
  • Video Surveillance (Monitoring)
  • VmWare Virtualization
  • New: Process documentation and IT-security

4nes is hiring!

  • IT-Administrator (f/m/d)
  • IT-Helpdesk Supporter (f/m/d)
  • IT Security and Cloud Specialist (f/m/d)
  • Linux Administrator (f/m/d)