IT-Vulnerability Check

we analyse and secure your networks

The analysis is used to identify possible vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, a network segment or individual components. The vulnerabilities can be caused by faulty configurations, outdated components or the failure to patch operating systems and applications in a timely manner, among other things.

As part of the analysis, the components defined with you are examined beforehand.

During the vulnerability analysis, the defined systems are checked and evaluated for weaknesses and possible entry points using special programs and methods.

The results of the vulnerability analysis are then reviewed and analyzed, and recommendations are made in a report with recommendations for action.


we strengthe your systems:

  • Preliminary stage to penetration testing
  • Improvement of the internal security level
  • Determination of the different risks of danger


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The scope of the analysis must be clarified in advance with the client in a preliminary discussion and can vary from company to company. Therefore, the duration of the analysis is also very individual, as it depends on the size and complexity of the company's systems to be analyzed.

After implementation, the results are processed in a final report, with the identified weaknesses being assigned to a hazard risk. Subsequently, remediation measures for the respective vulnerabilities are explained in more detail.

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